Petition for Public Inquiry concerning Chemical Exposure

at CFB Gagetown


Do you believe there have been confusion and a lack of complete openness by our Government?
Do you have 18 friends?
If you believe in our request for TRUTH by asking for a Public Inquiry and you have 18 friends, then you can help by obtaining 19 signatures on a petition sheet.

There are online petitions for many things, our cause included, BUT online petitions cannot be presented in the House of Commons because they do not have ‘written signatures’, therefore online petitions result in no formal response. We desire a formal response from the Government on this topic.

This call for your assistance is to allow us to obtain legal written signatures on ‘approved petition sheets’ which will then be presented to the Government via the House of Commons.

English and French copies of our petition which have been approved for format and wording by the Procedural Clerk, Private Members’ Business, House of Commons, Centre Block, Ottawa.

Click on “ENGLISH” or “FRENCH”, print a copy or copies and obtain ‘Canadian Citizen Signatures’ and mail the completed petition(s), as soon as you have 19 signatures, to:
Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc.
42 Sunnyside Drive
GrandBay-Westfield, N.B.
E5K 3M4

Those that have had these approved petitions since early May, 2009 should continue with getting signatures and mail the competed petition(s) to the above address….

THANK YOU !!.. for your help in obtaining a Full Transparent Judicial Inquiry!!

CBCNEWS! Sept 23, 09

"The federal government and two chemical companies went to court Wednesday in a bid to stop a class-action lawsuit launched by people who claim they developed cancer after being exposed to Agent Orange at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick." Read the full report.

THIS is the reason we need YOUR SIGNED PETITIONS!!!
We need your signed Petitions to show our government that the citizens of Canada WANT and NEED a " Full Judicial Public Inquiry" into the spraying of TOXIC Chemicals at CFB Gagetown and Surrounding Communities.

Therefore, please forward your government approved petitions you are working on as soon as possible and if you have not started, please print the ENGLISH / FRENCH (Ottawa Approved Forms) petitions and have as many people sign as you can, to show your support!!! We need thousands to be heard!

Thank "YOU" for your help.