2,4-D / 2,4,5-T -- ((Components of the Barrels codenamed 'Agent Orange' by American Military in Vietnam)),
SPRAYED in ONTARIO during '50s, 60's, 70's

An interesting discovery 2,4,5-T was known to be contaminated with 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro dibenzo-p- dioxin or TCDD.

June 17, 2013 Compensation not guaranteed for people exposed to Agent Orange in Ontario.

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"CBC Radio Morning North with Hilary Duff interviews Dr. Ritter Daniel Crawford a victim and Carol Brown Parker on the Provincial report on 2,4,5-T chemical exposure.

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June 16, 2013 Agent Orange victims in Ontario need swift action,Ontario workers exposed to Agent Orange carcinogens in their youth must have their health claims processed quickly and compassionately Several newspaper links associated with this link.

June 13, 2013 to June 17, 2013 HERE

This appears to be a new website as of Aug. 26, 2011.:
Although this is specific to Ontario the results of the Fact-Finding Panel will have implications across Canada. It is disappointing that the panel is totally comprised with the scientific communtiy with no membership on the panel from government or those directly affected!
The Independent Fact-Finding Panel On Herbicide 2,4,5-T Terms Of Reference

July 23rd 2011
Star Exclusive: Agent Orange “soaked” Ontario teens
Originally Published On Thu Feb 17 2011

Quote from this news story
“If it’s got 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D as a mixture, it’s Agent Orange and it has dioxin — I guarantee it,” said Dwernychuk, who recently retired as chief scientist from Vancouver-based Hatfield Consultants.

Times still waiting on Agent Orange answers - by Mark Gentili
"We know that Len Ritter was the very guy who approved the use of Agent Orange when he was the head of that department back in the 1980s," he said in Question Period last week. "How can that be independent?"

Complete probe of Agent Orange promised - By BRETT CLARKSON
NIAGARA FALLS, Ont - Despite some confusion, the provincial Agent Orange probe will include both of its chemical ingredients and not just the one, a ministry of natural resources spokesman said Thursday.

Falls woman fears chemical spray made her sick, killed mom - By BRETT CLARKSON
AGENT ORANGE CANADIAN ISSUE-- Discovered in N.B., Ontario, Sask. & several other provinces. Our health & the next 10 generations can be affected by these toxic spray programs by our governments.
"It's extremely persistent," Dwernychuk said. "It can live in the soil for hundreds of years. It can be ingested into the human body, it can be absorbed through the skin, and it can be inhaled. Those are the three modes of entrance into the human body. And it attaches itself to fatty tissues, and these tissues can be in your blood and the lipids in your blood, in any organ, brain — you name it."

Independence of Agent Orange panel head challenged
By Staff Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Agent Orange panel opposite of independent, Bisson says

MPP Gilles Bission has a good reasons why he is concerned and they are very like the concerns we had/have with the CFB Gagetown investigation project. We have always said you can not investigate yourself and expect the truth come out!!!

Carol Brown Parker
Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc.

Agent Orange a Canadian Issue!

The spraying of Agent Orange, Agent Purple, and Agent White authorized by our Canadian governments at both the Federal and Provincial level over past numerous years is a significant health risk problem for Canadian citizens both military and civilian.

Agent Orange, Purple, and White are code names for toxic herbicide mixtures used to kill brush and small trees on military lands, hydro power lines, brush along highways, and other types of lands that needed to be cleared for such purposes. These activities have been carried out for over four decades by various means from airplanes and helicopters to spray trucks and backpacks carried by soldiers and civilian linemen and work crews along highways.

The recent findings in Northern Ontario further reinforce the Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc’s. position. Our governments have been using these toxic chemicals to a far greater extent than the Canadian people realize. As time passes we are very confident more locations will be found across our great land and more people will finally know why they have contracted some very serious and life threatening diseases. The list of diseases that are associated with Agent Orange that have been identified by the Institute of Medicine can be found here on our web site.

Although the majority of our efforts to date have focused on the spray programs at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick because of the size and scale of these programs and the number of years they were conducted we are also supportive and will advocate for all of Canada as other locations are identified.

To the people of Ontario I extend our offer to provide whatever assistance and information we can to those who live in or have worked in those areas identified as contaminate with these toxic herbicides including Agent Orange.

We all need to become aware of the health risks associated with these toxic herbicides not only for our health but for the future health of our children. With this information we can inform our physicians about our health concerns as a result of exposure and we can also work with our elected officials to seek fair compensation, medical testing, and programs to help those suffering from diseases as a result of toxic exposure to these herbicides.

Remember, our governments and their agencies approved these chemical mixtures for use and so they are also accountable to the people they exposed to these dangerous herbicides and they need to provide the required help.

The following links will provide you with the information we have obtained for the Ontario locations:

Agent Orange panel opposite of independent, Bisson says
Agent Orange "soaked" Ontario teens
Ontario probes Agent Orange poisoning
Agent Orange probe widens
Help victims quickly---
Ontario Hydro sprayed Agent Orange to clear corridors

Minister calls for national probe of agent orange
Agent Orange 'very widely used' in Ontario, maybe in other provinces: minister
Ottawa needs to probe Agent Orange, NDP says
Mallick: Spectre of Agent Orange haunts us
Herbicide 'very widely used'
Your Assignment: Agent Orange March 4, 2011 10:30

The Ontario "Ministry of Natural Resources" (MNR) has established a toll-free line for people with concerns about potential exposure to herbicides at 1-888-338-3364. and the MNR website at Information is also available through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) information line: 416-344-4440 or toll-free at 1-800-387-0750