Protest Rally May 19, 2009


PETER STOFFER, NDP Member of Parliament, working with Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc. and other Agent Orange Groups to obtain a Full Public & Judicial Inquiry into the Chemical Poisionings of CFB Gagetown & Surrounding Areas.

Just a short message letting you know what a great job we all acomplished with our St Stephen Protest Rally.

We have achieved print in the several newspapers, forums as well as air time on tv stations. These are listed below with links.

Projects where we engage the public & politicians in the public forum appear to be getting media attention and positive results. Lets keep up the effort as I believe in the end, although it could take a while, we will achieve our end goal. Great work by all.......

Our thanks go out to all those that spoke up for the Victims of Gagetown's poisonous spraying of Chemicals and all the victims and supporters that came out to represent those that have died or are to ill to participate.
SPEAKERS: Peter Stoffer, NDP Member of Parliament... The Green Party representative of Leader, Elizabeth May... Richard Pelletier (Cpl retired) Senior Services Officer, American Legion, State of Maine... Carol Brown Parker of NB & Gary Goode of BC, Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc... David Coon, Conservation Counsel of NB... Inka Milewski, Conservation Counsel of NB... Art Connolly of Ont, Agent Orange Alert... Bette Hudson of NB, Widows on the Warpath... Ken Young, Independent Agent Orange Activist from BC

Peter Stoffer, MP NDP party
To share what we heard at the rally I quote his words:

"Reality is that many people are not here today because they have already died. These are people who wore the uniform of Canada. These are the families that supported those men and women who supported us in the efforts of the Canadian Military and the surrounding civilian communities. You did not deserve to be poisoned and the reality is that only a full and transparent judicial enquiry can get to the bottom of this.
They went and called a public enquiry on Brian Mulroney, one of their own, why won't they call a public enquiry into what happened in Gagetown and until we can get that answer clearly from them, I suggest you keep on your struggle and you keep on your fight to get what you rightfully deserve, which is the TRUTH. I am here today to show my support on behalf of my leader Jack Layton and federal New Democrats across the country but most importantly folks, this should not be a political question, when you wear the uniform you wear the uniform for your country not for a political party and not for a particular province or municipality. You wear that uniform for your country. The fact is you were poisoned. The fact is your being lied to about it and only an inquiry will get to the bottom of it."

Janice Harvey, of St Stephen, presented support from Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party
Green Parties Words  
One of the speakers at the Protest Rally, Cpl Richard Pelletier of Madawaska Maine, Services Officer for American Veterans Legion POST 133, introduced himself with a scroll that stated, On March 27th 2006, he was given recognition for his tireless advocacy and lobbying for Veterans Rights. Richard's letter can be read here.  
The Australian Letter of Support can be read here
The "Letter of Protest" that was read out by Gary Goode is available for all to read
TELEVISION - Reporting that we have seen

CTV News with Steve Murphy - evening news, May 19th
CTV Breakfast Televison - Wednesday morning, May 20th

Radio Stations & NewsLetters

NEWS 88.9 Saint John (Live Feed Online)
Each weekday Tom Young navigates listeners through the real issues and concerns facing Maritimers today. He interviewed Gary Goode conderning the Protest Rally in St Stephen, getting the word out. Tom Young is VERY supportive.

Classic Hits
WQDY 92.7 FM - Calais, Maine/St Stephen, New Brunswick
WALZ 95.3 FM - Machias, Maine
Agent Orange Protesters Come To St. Stephen

K-100, 100.5 FM--(Heard on their station, details of the Protest Rally in St Stephen with a march to Gregg Thompsons Office)

The Tide
98.1 FM - St Stephen, New Brunswick (Kim Hall News Director attended Protest)
Agent Orange American - May 20, 2009

CHSJ Country 94.1 FM (Gary MacDonald News Director attended the Protest)
American Vets Support Agent Orange Inquiry - May 19, 2009
Calls for Agent Orange Public Inquiry - May 19, 2009

AARP Bulletin today
Protesters seek Agent Orange inquiry

News Papers

Veterans march on minister's office over Agent Orange

Telegraph Journal
Agent Orange group demands public inquiry

Veterans march in NB over Agent Orange issue

Bangor Daily News
Protesters seek Agent Orange inquiry

Miramichi Leader
Agent Orange Association of Canada to hold protest rally in St.Stephen

The Post Gazette
Article to appear on June 5th or 6th

Veterans take Agent Orange protest to minister

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