CFB GAGETOWN 1956-1984

The following pages are taken from a collection of documents the Government released as file A-2004-00207, it has since become known as the Agent Orange File. The file had a total of 167 pages but only 82 pages were released.

The other 85 pages were NOT made available.

The file was obtained through the Access To Information Act and in a letter to the Agent Orange Association of Canada, dated August 18, 2005, the DND Assistant Director of Access to Information confirms the documents were authored by the Department of Defence (DND)

if you wish to obtain a copy, call 1-888-272-8207 and ask for a copy of file A-2004-00207.

These pages prove that millions of litres of herbicides were sprayed on Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown. Simply do the math.

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The following Page 83 is titled "Overview of Herbicide Spray Programme 1956-1984"

Note* - 2,4-D + 2,4,5-T were sprayed from 1956 to 1964. These chemicals were called Agent Orange and Agent Purple by the Americans. In 1964 there was a spray accident (See our History link on the menu for a detailed account), resulting in DND changing to Tordon 101 which the Americans called Agent White. Tordon products contained a guarantee by Dow Chemical, of 65 grams of Picloram and 240 grams per litre of 2,4-D. Picloram was heavily contaminated with Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) which according to the World Health Organzation (WHO) causes multiple organ dysfunctions, diseases and attacks the liver with known hepatic diseases and the gastroenterological, blood, neurological, immune systems.

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Page 84 below, is a continuation of the Herbicide Spray Program with totals at the bottom. Just under 3 million litres of Hexachlorobenzene contaminated Tordon was sprayed for 20 years, but our Governments, past and current, do not acknowledge the severe health problems caused by Agent White.

Hexachlorobenzene has not been examined by the IOM as part of their mandatory 2 year reporting program as they do for Dioxin.

The truth is in these pages, something the Government will not acknowledge.

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Note* - Pages 75 to 82 are a transcript of a January, 1985, DND briefing for some members of the New Brunswick Cabinet.

Page 78 - Mr. Walter of the National Headquarters for DND stated:

" 1983, Defence Headquarters became concerned over the potential for environmental damage due to the migration and persistence of picloram, the main ingredient in Tordon pellets. Several other Defence Establishments show that some migration of this chemical occurs in very sandy soils. We reverted to liquid application..."


They had become concerned about the "migration and persistence..." of Picloram (which contained Hexachlorbenzene) causing problems.

Instead of informing troops and civilians they had been exposed to one of the deadly carcinogenic 12 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).

They covered it up.

Nothing was published, no one was warned.

The deliberate withholding of this vital health information caused people to die, are dying or are still dealing with severe health issues due to the spraying of Code Names Agent Orange, Purple & White plus many other toxic chemicals!!

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