The Missing Part of the Equation - Hexachlorobenzene (HCB)

In 1965 DND switched from using 2,4-D + 2,4,5-T to Tordon 101.

Tordon 101 is a registered trademark name of a Dow Chemical Product. It is still in use today. However during the years that it was used at CFB Gagetown and on the surrounding communities from 1965 to 1984, it was heavily contaminated with Hexachlorobenzene as an inert ingredient in the Picloram used in Tordon 101.

TORDON 101 was what the Americans called Agent White.

Tordon 101 and it's dry form Tordon 10 K had the same ratio of ingredients guranteed by Dow Chemical. There were 65 grams per litre of Picloram and 240 grams of 2,4-D per litre contained in the Tordon products.

However, the Tordon products (Agent White) contained Hexachlorobenzene which is one of the "Dirty Dozen" as defined by the Stockholm Convention. One of the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which cause cancer and other dibilitating diseases.

In 1985, Dow Chemical lost it's registration and license of the Tordon products because of the severe contamination by Hexachlorobenzene in their product. They did not regain the registration until the summer of 1988.

It is interesting to note that our government has always maintained that their chemicals
2,4-D+ 2,4,5-T and the Tordon products were always registered.

However, DND kept spraying Tordon 101 from 1985 to 1988 when it was ILLEGAL.
- Source - The Jacques Whitford Report

From 1965 to 1984, DND sprayed over 3 million litres and kilograms of Tordon 101 containing Hexachlorobenzene poisoning hundreds of thousands of troops and civilians in surrounding communities with this deadly carcinogen, which is now banned in over 120 countries around the world.

This is what the Tordon 101 label looks like - This was Agent White, the only difference in today's product is the Hexachlorobenzene has been removed from the Picloram.

TORDON 101 (Agent White)  Label.jpg

Hexachlorobenzene causes dozens of diseases and organ dysfunctions. The website
Comparative Toxicogenomics Database lists a STAGGERING 183 possible diseases or dysfunctions associated with this chemical. See for yourself, just click the link below.;jsessionid=AC3BAEAAEC9539EB9D47DA551C3106EA?view=disease&type=chem&acc=D006581

Yet over three million litres of this Toxicant were sprayed on CFB Gagetown and surrounding communities. No wonder the government will not recognize the spraying of Agent White.

Switching Gears

In the Government's ex-gratia compensation plan one of the criteria is that you had to have been a resident of one of dozens of communities surrounding CFB Gagetown, within five kilometers of the base perimeter.

That takes in a significant area of 427 square miles, (about 1100 square kilometers).

DND has always insisted that the American testing of Agent Orange and Agent Purple in June of 1966 and June of 1967 was done in the middle of the training area, far away from any civilian communities.

In fact, this is true.

In June of 1966, DND and the Americans sprayed a total of 111 acres. In June of 1967 they sprayed a total of 319 acres for a total of 430 acres sprayed in both summers. The original documents of the US Army at Fort Detrick, Maryland state that the nearest community was 10 miles (16 kilometres) away from their total test acreage of 430 acres near Petersville Hill.

(Click Here)
& (Here) To view the original Fort Detrick Documents.

DND has also consistently and vehemently taken the position there was no spray drift.

Something is very wrong with this equation.

As the Americans only sprayed a total of 483 litres during the two summers on plots of land totalling 430 acres in the middle of the base and there was no spray drift, then why is DND giving $20,000 to anyone who is sick with one of the listed diseases and who lived within 5 kilometres of the perimeter of the base.

These communities are 10 to 50 miles (16 to 80 kilometers) away from where the Americans sprayed.

We think you know where we are going with this.

Why compensate people who were nowhere near the spraying by the Americans as DND has consistently maintained?

The answer lies in one word - Hexachlorobenzene

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