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These LINKS have been collected from all over the world and we will be expanding the list of links daily/weekly, so this page will eventually represent one of the biggest collections of sites, videos, news stories and magazine articles about Agent Orange, Agent Purple and Agent White, to be found in one place.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these videos:

Toxic Service The Gagetown Atrocity produced by Gary

Toxic Service The Gagetown Atrocity (chapter 1) Produced by Gary

Agent Orange Witness produced by Andrew Nisker
Agent Orange Witness film preview, click on the words in blue for the film clip and please read the left side panel too when you go to this website.

Gagetown - Canada's Dirty Secret Click on 'The Trailer'

American Vietnam Veterans have gathered a list of Agent Orange Medical Issues and Testing, which is located at (

An excellent source of information, presented by CBC (here)

atfield Consultants Ltd. (here)

Links about the Various Herbicides - Orange, Purple & White

Agent Orange and cancer: (here) (here)

Agent Orange info: (here

2,4-D: (here)

What is 2, 4-D ??: (
here) (here) (here

Agent White Label: (here

Tordon 101 (Agent White): (here

Picloram: (here

Diquat: (here)

Pentachlorophenol: (here

Technical Factsheet on DIOXIN (2,3,7,8-TCDD): (here

Exercise Vaccum - Toxic Chemicals at Suffield, AB 1968: (here)

Application for Disability Pension, DVA: (here)

Member of Parliament contact Info: (here) Please remember there is no postage required when writing to as many M.P's as you wish as long as you address it to the House of Commons.

Access to information and Privacy: (here)

Royal Canadian Legions: (here)

NATO Veterans Organization: (here)

VerteransVoice.Info: (here)

Military Widows On A War Path - Dedicated to husbands who did not have the "foresight" to die on or after the date set by the government, Feb 6, 2006 (here)

Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines: (here)

Environmental Protection and Stewardship DND: (here)

Environmental Stewardship on Canadian Military Training Areas: (here)

Cancer in New Brunswick 1992 - 1996: (here)

The New Brunswick Cancer Network: (here)

Does an Association between Prostate Cancer and Military Service in Vietnam Exist?: (here)

Agent Orange fears may send U.S.soldiers elsewhere for training (2006): (here)

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association (here)

Cyber Sarges AO info: (here)

Gary Moore's Agent Orange (Dioxin) Information Page: (here)

Titabawassee River Watch - Dioxin: (here)

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. - Educational Material: (here)

Viet Nam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign: (here)

Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Study, Australia: (here)

The Herbicides Used in Vietnam: (here)

Agent Orange Collateral Damage in Vietnam: (here)

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