Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc. Mission Statement

The Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc. is committed to obtaining full disclosure from our governments about the spraying of carcinogenic herbicides at CFB Gagetown and the surrounding communities and the subequent poisoning of troops and civilians.

The values of integrity, determination, advocacy and truth guide us in our work.

We seek a public inquiry, as the means to ensure truth, accountability, justice and compensation for all those persons who are sick, who are dying and who have died, as
well as for those families who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

We seek to ensure that those responsible will be held legally accountable. We seek to ensure that our governments learn from such a vast poisoning of their own people and of
the environment, to protect human and ecological health.

We will advocate for and help those who are sick and dying.

We will educate about the dangers of herbicides, and their harm to our wildlife, our environment and to the people of Canada.

after December 22, 2010