The Teratogen Fallout--Well Documented story by
Dr Olga Graham/journalist with never before published
photographs, documents and major case history
CFB Gagetown 1966-1967


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Dr Olga Graham
May 25 2010

As many of you who contacted me know, I lived and worked as a journalist in Oromocto during the years that agent orange was sprayed in 1966 and 1967. I was woman's editor and columnist for the Gagetown Gazette.

My last child, born August 16 1967, was greatly affected neurologically by agent orange (dioxin). It took me up until 1981 before I made the connection between her injuries and agent orange. This was at York University, Toronto while I was investigating teratogens and birth defects. A lot has happened since.

The entire story is now published in a text titled, Autism: The Teratogen Fallout by Dr. Olga Graham, ISBN 978-0-9689383-1-7 . You can read some of the reviews on Amazon Books. There is also a website:

As you know, neurological damage is one of the agent orange (dioxin)injuries mentioned by the Department of National Defence and by Merchant Law Group. As well, it has now been established that autism is a neurological disorder. The correlation between the rise of autism diagnoses and teratogens (such as dioxin) can no longer be ignored. The ratio now stands at one in 165 Canadians (ASBC) and one in 150 Americans (CDC). In May 2010, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) changed the ratio to one in 100 Americans and still escalating. The book covers the link with agent orange in Base Gagetown, Oromocto, New Brunswick and provides empirical evidence for causation.

The book is well-documented with government documents that has never been published, with photographs, appendices and index. The major case history is about a child born in Oromocto, New Brunswick in 1967, and it supports and strengthens the case for compensation for all those who lived in Oromocto during the years of the spraying of agent orange.

Have a read and contact me with your story (mail them to the publishers at Box 452, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2T2. These stories will be included in the forthcoming sequel. Not only do victims need to be compensated, but we have to stop dumping toxins on the planet in the guise of industry and profit--we are killing and causing mutations to human beings--our only future; and poisoning Planet Earth--our only home.

I especially want to contact the young man who encouraged me to write the book (he lost family members), who told me I was a voice for the people when I wrote for the paper in Oromocto, and I must be a voice now against the agent orange disgrace. He told me he was 12-years old when he used to pass my house in Oromocto and tell his friends "Olga Graham lives there." I did not know anyone even cared where I lived. You know who you are, if your read this PLEASE contact me This book was written because you asked--because you cared.

"They also serve who stand and wait" (Shakespeare).

All the best

One of Merchant's client is Alison Patricia who was born in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada (where both her parents lived and worked in CAF and media) when agent orange was sprayed in 1966 and 1967. Alison suffered severe neurodevelopmental birth injuries as a result. Alison is the case history in a newly published book, 'Autism: The Teratogen Fallout' by Dr. Olga Graham (2009). The book documents empirical evidence and includes appendices, bibliography and index.