Gagetown's Legacy Quilt Project

Over 315,000 troops trained at CFB Gagetown during the 28-year defoliation spray program. This does not include the civilians and families that were also at the Base and who were equally impacted by the over 1 billion grams of chemicals used there. Because of this, we have lost our loved ones and we are devastated. They may be mere numbers to the government, but they are not mere numbers to us. They are our husbands, our fathers, our wives, our mothers, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, our aunts and uncles, and our cousins. They are our family. Their loss has impacted entire generations of our families. This is the legacy of the Gagetown chemical spray defoliant program.

We feel it is very important that the victims of chemical spraying at CFB Gagetown never be forgotten. Because of this we are building quilts, which will be named "Gagetown's Legacy". Members of AOAC have created the Gagetown Legacy Quilt project to honour our loved one's memories and any and ALL victims, so that they won't pass forgotten in the world's eyes, even if they have been forgotten in the government's eyes. These quilts will be our legacy to the world. Each quilt will be comprised of 20 squares, and each square will be created by a family member in honor of a lost loved one. We are hoping to have our first quilt completed and pictures posted here by the end of May, 2008.

Legacy meaning, "anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome."

We want Canadians to know that the Gagetown Legacy is NOT one to be proud of, by letting them know about the victims. Through these quilts we hope to create additional awareness of the effects of Agents, Orange, Purple & White, which were sprayed on the innocent. We want to keep our memories of the victims and help the next generations to understand the damage that has been done to the victims and their children...

Until our claim (Class Action lawsuit) is settled with the government, we will be bringing the completed quilt(s) with us to any press conferences and media events that AOAC attends. After our claims are settled, we believe the quilts are a part of military history and hope to have the quilts displayed at a Military Museum for future generations to see. Along with the quilts, we will be keeping a record of who has been honored on each quilt so as to avoid duplication. Many have already requested 'Blocks" and the stitchers are ready...

Examples of Memory Squares




If you want to have a member of your family remembered, you can receive a quilt square to put your words on or one of our members will do that for you... For either to happen, you need to give permission by filling in the
FORM  ...